Millers’ Farm is known best for our fresh produce. Recently, we won the People’s Pick Award for the “Best Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Provider” in Ottawa. We have over 50 acres at the farm where Ron and Simon grow our produce on an annual basis.
Grown at the Farm

Currants (Late July)Asparagus (May)
Gooseberries (Late July)Brussels sprouts (September)
Raspberries (July)Butter green & yellow beans (July)
Strawberries (June)Cabbage (September)
Tomatoes (July)Carrots (August)
Sweet corn (August)
Eggplant (August)
Garlic (August)
Garlic scapes (June)
Pumpkins (September)
Rhubarb (May)
Squash (September)

And… some berries and fall produce you can pick yourself.

Fresh Local Produce
Also available at the farm are freshly grown local cucumbers, onions, potatoes, turnips, apples, pears, yellow plums, BC cherries and Northern Ontario wild blueberries (when in season).

Fresh Local Honey & Preserves
Local honey, including honeycomb and bee pollen, and a wide variety of preserves (jams, jellies, pickles and relishes) can be purchased when farm is open to the public. Frozen berries are generally available year round.

We have knowledgeable and friendly staff that can help during our produce season.

Fresh produce is available from June to the end of October.

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Millers' Farm, Market & Garden Centre (formerly Millers’ Berry Farm)
6158 Rideau Valley Drive, Ottawa (Manotick), Ontario, Canada.
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